SuperCard Season 2 FAQ

BY 2K Mike



Hey there, folks! 

We understand that players have some questions about the most recent update to WWE SuperCard ("Season 2"). That's understandable, there's a lot of stuff to digest. 

We've taken a bunch of the questions we've received and answered them below. 

What is the Season 2 update?

  • The Season 2 update is a new competitive period in WWE SuperCard that features customizable cards, an expanded roster, global chat, and much more.

Can Season 1 cards be played against Season 2 cards?

  • Season 1 cards are ineligible for play against Season 2 cards. However, you can still play your Season 1 cards in Season 1's Exhibition and King of the Ring mode. If you're a returning player with a valid deck, the option to play Season 1 content is on the main menu. Check it out!

I'm a new player. How do I access S1 content?

  • Season 1 Exhibition content is currently only available to players that have a valid Season 1 deck prior to the Season 2 update.

Can I still collect S1 cards?

  • If you're a returning player with a valid Season 1 deck, yes. Season 1 Exhibition's draft board still drops Season 1 cards. Season 1's King Of The Ring mode still provides Season 1 cards as rewards.

Can I still use my S1 cards in S2 Update?

  • You can still play with your Season 1 cards in Season 1 Exhibition and King of the Ring. Additionally, you can Fuse them as ingredients in the Fusion Chamber or you can use them to train your Season 2 cards. 

How does the Loyalty Fusion Chamber work?

  • We have an entire guide to how Loyalty Fusion Chamber works right over here!

What happens if I use all of my Season 1 cards for training and Loyalty fusion?

  • If you drop below the valid deck amount of Season 1 cards required to play Season 1 KOTR (8 Superstars, 2 Divas and 4 supports) or Exhibition (4 Superstars, 1 Diva and 2 Support), those game modes will be removed from your main menu.

Can I set Season 1 cards as my Champ?

  • Players will have separate Season 1 and Season 2 Champs. You can set any of your Season 1 cards to be your S1 Champ. You can set your Season 2 cards to be your Season 2 Champ.

What are Enhancements in Season 2?

  • Enhancements are charge-limited cards that can be used in King of the Ring or on your favorite Superstar or Diva cards to give them a temporary boost in any of the four key ratings: POW, TGH, SPD, or CHA. Enhancements can also be used on your cards' Special Ability slot to add another rating boost when it triggers. One charge is consumed when triggered.

Will the weekly events such as Road to Glory, People's Champion Challenge, and Ring Domination be available for play with Season 1 decks or Season 2 decks?

  • Events will be running exclusively for Season 2 for the foreseeable future.