[Rising Tide] Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Known Issues

BY 2K Mike




Hello there, all you leaders of the future!

If you've encountered an issue in Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide, please don't hesitate to fill out a support ticket. 

That said, below is a list of issues that the team is aware of. 

We will update this article as these are resolved or new issues arise. 

  • Players might see the game's framerate fall below 15 frames per second with the ATI Radeon HD 3600 series graphics card, even with latest drivers installed.
    • This issue can also occur with the Radeon HD 5450 graphics card and the latest drivers. 
  • Failing a Coup D'etat may kick the targeted player during a multiplayer match if it is their only city. An AI will then take over the city that the defender once occupied.
  • The game's performance may drop during Alien and Minor Powers turns. 
  • Completing the game with a Domination Victory - but with zero affinity points - will result in the game not displaying any of the Domination victory videos.
  • Graphical corruption may occur on terrain if your computer uses a 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor with Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Players may be unable to Hot Join another user when selecting "Join Game" in the Steam overlay from certain menus within the title.
    • In this instance, you're unable to Hot Join with another user while in the Multiplayer, Options, and DLC menus or the menus within these menu options. However, should be able to Hot Join while in Single Player, Other, or Main Menu. The Join Game option may also be highlighted however the user may be unable to select it and join the other user's match.
  • A drop in framerate may occur during turn processing when you're observing an AI game in multiplayer.
  • If you're in a match, you might see text displayed in the language for the host player's language setting.  
  • The Worker unit may have the option to use "Add Miasma," but when ordered to use this ability no Miasma will be added to the tile.
  • In the Covert Ops menu, you may be unable to abort an agent's assignment when they are traveling during normal gameplay. However, you can cancel all other projects in the Covert Ops menu.
  • If the player is allied with AI Sponsor(s) and the player declares war, the allied AI Sponsors will not declare war also. All Allied AI Sponsors should declare war on the Sponsor the player has declared war on.