Civilization VI - DirectX Update

BY Little Sister



As time moves on, we must progress or be conquered! Our DirectX selection has changed a little to meet the modern era. 

What does this mean for you? It's pretty easy, the 2K Launcher now selects DirectX 12 as the default launch option for Civilization VI. As part of this change, the position of the options is updated; DirectX 12 will be to the left and DirectX 11 is now on the right side.


First Launch

The first time, and only the first time, you open the 2K Launcher after you have updated, take note of the following potential experiences to avoid any mistakes in your DirectX version:

  1.  If you are launching for the first time, you will see Dx12 selected by default.
  2.  When it is not your first time, and you were previously using Dx12, of course you will still see Dx12 selected.
  3.  In case you have always used Dx11 without ever manually changing it, you will see Dx12 selected - make sure to change back to Dx11 if you want to keep using it!
  4.  For those who have toggled to Dx12 in the past, switched back to Dx11, and then had Dx11 as your most recently used selection, you will see Dx11 selected.

If you selected Dx12 on accident and wanted to use Dx11, all you need to do is relaunch Civilization VI from the 2K Launcher and choose wisely.



If you get the "Game Failed to Start" Error message when launching Civilization VI, please attempt these steps:

  1. Open up the 2K Launcher
  2. Wait for the DirectX options to appear below the “Play” button
  3. If DirectX 12 is selected, choose DirectX 11 and launch the game