XCOM 2 Known Issues

BY 2K Mike



Hello, Commander. 

Before you submit a support ticket to 2K, please take a moment to read through the list of known issues in XCOM 2. If the problem you're experiencing is on this list, rest assured that we are looking into it. 

We will update this list as fixes are implemented or new issues arise. 

General Issues

  • Player may crash in the Forge mission when reloading a save from that same mission.
  • The user does not receive any weapon upgrades when completing the Mysterious Stranger Rumor from the Resistance.
  • The Radio relay in Western Europe does not count toward the Global Resistance Achievement for
    • Can just build in Eastern Europe to unlock the Achievement
  • A units red and green arrows from Passive abilities and debuffs disappear when loading a save
  • Enemies/soldiers shots will often pass through solid walls/collision and hit their target
  • Don’t get the red “you will be spotted here” tiles when in Concealment and enemies are not yet revealed
    • Only see red tiles for enemies you have LoS to.
  • There is partial controller functionality when plugging in a gamepad
  • Extra soldiers that can be taken into Avenger Defense missions are not shown on the squad loadout
  • UFO’s rarely spawn to intercept the Avenger
    • This is By Design. Avenger Defense missions are meant to be rare (c. 1 per playthrough)
    • Can increase chances of getting one by moving between regions often when the UFO is hunting the Avenger
  • Scientists, Engineers and Soldiers will sometimes disappear from the Avenger’s facilities in the ant farm view.
  • When using the Specialists Scanning protocol enemies revealed in the Fog of War will stay colored red


  • The player will encounter an infinite loading screen if their opponent quits the game while loading into the match.


  • The Mod Title, Mod Description and Mod Tags fail to update when setting them in the Upload box when publishing a mod for the first time
    • Mods start as private and these can be changed in the Steam Workshop settings before making them public