SuperCard Update: 2/18/2016

BY 2K Mike



Hello all you Mobile Superstars!

We've just released a new update for WWE SuperCard- Season 2 across mobile devices. This update not only contains changes to design, but includes a brand new game mode:

  • Team Ring Domination: This brand new eight-person event tasks teams with collectively uncovering glass shards from a card, piece by piece, after competing in matches. Once all shards are removed from the card, the entire team can claim that WWE Superstar or Diva card.
  • Team People’s Champion Challenge (PCC) Returns: Team PCC returns to the event rotation.
  • "Get Cards" Redesign: The new "Get Cards" screen makes it easier than ever for players to find their favorite card packs.
  • Chat Toasts: Real-time notifications now enable teammate chats to pop up over the game, eliminating the need for players to enter the Team Chat menu to see the latest discussions.

 This new update went live on February 18, 2016 for both Android and iOS.