How Does SuperToken Work With WWE SuperCard?

BY 2K Mike



With the launch of SuperToken, we wanted to take a moment to explain how it works with WWE SuperCard. In a nutshell: A SuperToken will let you unlock exclusive content in WWE SuperCard

What does SuperToken unlock in WWE SuperCard?

  • Redeeming a SuperToken will provide you with one Ultra-Rare card and two Rare cards. 
  • You can share the SuperToken with up to three friends and they'll received one Super Rare card of their own.

We've documented how to do this in the steps below.

NOTE: In order to use SuperToken, you will need to have WWE SuperCard installed on your mobile device of choice (either iOS or Android). If you don't have the app installed already, using the SuperToken will direct you to the appropriate App Store page. 

ANOTHER NOTE: If you don't have an NFC-enabled mobile device, there is a QR code included with your SuperToken that can be scanned from within WWE SuperCard; this will unlock the same content as the SuperToken itself.

If WWE SuperCard Is NOT Installed:

  • Tap the SuperToken flat against the back of your device (this will only work if your Android device supports Near Field Communication), or scan the QR Code insert. This will launch the WWE SuperCard App Page and download the app for free. 

If WWE SuperCard Is Installed: 

  • Tap the SuperToken flat against the back of your device (this will only work if your device supports NFC), or tap the WWE SuperCard app icon, to launch the application and start the redemption process. 
  • Login using your preferred method (Game Center, Google+, Facebook, or Google Play). 
  • If the game application is launched with SuperToken, the SuperToken will be immediately redeemed.
  • If the redemption doesn't occur immediately, please re-tap the SuperToken flat against the back of the device; alternately, you can navigate to the game's main menu and select "QR Button" and scan the QR Code insert.

Some Other Info About SuperToken

Where can I get WWE SuperCard SuperTokens?

  • You can pick up SuperTokens exclusively at GameStop stores nationwide in the United States.

I don't live in the U.S. If I have a friend buy some SuperTokens and ship them to me, will they still work?

  • Yes, the SuperTokens will work in all regions outside the United States.

How do I share a SuperToken with my friends?

  • After you use the SuperToken/QR code, you simply give it to a friend. The usage will automatically be tracked.

How do I know that a SuperToken has been shared the maximum number of times?

  • A message should pop up in WWE SuperCard that states, "This SuperToken has reached its maximum number of redemptions."

Which WWE Superstars are featured on WWE SuperTokens?

  • Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Paige, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Sting, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Undertaker.

How many different SuperTokens are there? 

  • There are ten different types of SuperTokens, each tied to a specific WWE Superstar.