XCOM 2 Anarchy’s Children Compatibility Patch Notes

BY 2K Mike



Hello, Commander.

We've put out a patch to prepare XCOM 2 for the enhanced customization in Anarchy’s Children. This patch also provides a few minor changes that will affect the base game including soldiers now having four new slots to attach additional pieces of armor: left/right arm and left/right shoulder.

While Anarchy’s Children gives players new armor pieces to be used in these slots, anyone with the base game can also take advantage of this update. And DLC is not required for modders, who can already begin creating new customizations for these slots.

Changes included in this patch:

  • Anarchy’s Children compatibility changes
  • Players will now be able to press "Load Anyways” when loading a save when the mods used are not present
  • Fixed the sort order of available targets in shot HUD
  • Corrected an issue causing Grenadier’s demolition to fail to update the target’s cover status
  • Adds "Zip Mode" description text