Patch Notes: 12/20/2016

BY 2K Mike



Hello, everyone. 

We've just launched a big patch for Mafia III. This is a pretty major update, folks, with a lot of new content coming in alongside the the technical fixes. 

Here's what's included in the update: 

  • Races and car customizations
  • A new set of outfits for the playable character
  • My2K Sign-Up and Sign-Up Incentives (new outfit and new weapon)
  • General bug fixes and playability improvements

Let's be honest: That's a lot of new exciting content. Read below for a larger breakdown of what this new content includes. 


  • 12 races in total
    • 6 circuit multi-lap
    • 6 point to point races
  • Races are split among 2 race car classes
    • Sport
    • Exotic
  • Races can be entered by any vehicle in the game as long as it’s of the appropriate class. That means you can pick up a car off the street and race it, but it won’t have any performance or aesthetic upgrades on it. Only your fleet vehicles (the ones you receive from Burke's associate) can be upgraded with those customization items at this time.
    • Customizations can be applied to the player’s fleet vehicles at garages across the city

My2K Sign Up Rewards

  • Once you've signed up for My2K, a new costume and a new gun will become available in the game after you connect your account to Mafia III
    • The costume can be selected at any wardrobe in the game once the player has access to wardrobes.
    • The gun (Il Duca) will become available once you've got access to the weapons service and you can select it from the inventory.
  • Note: The incentive and messages will only show up in the game after you've seen the Mobile Store tutorial.  You can create a my2k account, verify it through email, and sign into My2K at any point in the game.