Patch Notes: Jan. 24, 2018

BY 2K Mike



Hello, everyone!

We have a new update for WWE SuperCard on iOS and Google Play. 

Please check out the info below for a breakdown of what's included. If you've got more questions, head over to the official SuperCard site for further details. 

Heroic Events/Upgrades

  • Completing the final match in a Ring Domination or Road to Glory solo event will now unlock the Heroic version of that specific event. Heroic Events offer new rewards, known as Heroic Upgrades. Heroic Upgrades are automatically applied to the event card you earned from the normal version. Heroic cards are more powerful than their basic counterparts and come with an upgraded aesthetic. Heroic Upgrades preserve any and all training, tokens, and enhancements that were applied to the original card.
  • NOTE: These Heroic cards are only available in the highest card tier (currently Titan), and cannot be purchased. They can be Pro'd. 

Women’s Royal Rumble

  • The weekly PvP rotation will now include Women’s Royal Rumble, an all-female version of the original game mode.