What is WWE SuperCard's Over The Limit?

BY Ciera S.



Hey, Superstars! 

We have some exciting new updates for you in WWE SuperCard.

First thing: There's a new event known as Over The Limit, which you're able to play for solo achievements and give everyone who participates some cool new rewards! 

To explain a little more, there's a new card coming out called "Hype." Hype is similar to energy and boost cards in Team Battleground. You can pick them up from the draft board, and use them in the event.

Solo players have the chance to build to a special event card (like Ring Domination). The community can bank points together and a pack goes out to everyone playing with you. 

There've also been a few tweaks to the filter system, which means locked cards show in the combinable filter along with Enhancements. So make sure you pay attention before training any cards. 

There are also new quests coming: These will be weekly Open Challenges that you can work towards, and will also have packs as rewards. The challenges could vary, but as long as you complete them within the week you get a sweet reward. 

To recap, here's what you need to know:

  • Over the Limit will be live on December 13th, 2018.
  • Over the Limit has bonuses for everyone, both solo and community players. 
  • New Quests are coming that will reward packs if you complete all of the challenges listed for the week.