Civilization VI- Crashing After September 2019 Update

BY 2K Mike



Hello, everyone.

With a new patch now available, some of you may be experiencing a crash when trying to load a save file from before the update rolled out.

Many of these crashes are caused by mods that still need to be updated by the creator. Alternatively, some players can experience further issues when attempting to load a save file that has the World Congress policy “Mercenary Companies” currently active.

We have a workaround that involves use of the legacy launcher to play games that took place on the previous patch:

  1. In the Steam Library, right click on Civilization VI
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Select the Betas tab
  4. Enter the following:
    1. ineedlegacyaccess
  5. Click “Check Code”
  6. Once available, select the Legacy beta from the dropdown
  7. Reinstall the game/allow the build files to update
  8. Launch and load your previous saves as normal
    • NOTE: Saves made on the new patch will not be compatible on the Legacy beta