[Console] Civilization VI FAQ

BY Templar



Hello, fearless world leaders.

For those of you enjoying Civilization VI on console, we've put together a list of likely questions (along with their answers) below. 

How do I make a 2K Account?

  • You must add in information in the 2K Account fields before pressing “Create New Account,” or account creation won't continue.
  • To create a new account, press the button shown on the Main Menu.
  • From there, add in your email address and desired password, and then choose “Create New Account.”
  • This will take you to the 2K Account page to accept terms and finalize the account.

Can I play with a mouse and keyboard?

  • Keyboard and mouse support is something we’re interested in, but don’t have anything to share at this time.

How do I view Tooltips?

  • By default, Tooltips are set to a behavior of “Delay Show,” meaning they will display when the cursor has been unmoved for a brief period of time. This behavior can be adjusted in the Options menu under the Interface tab.
  • Alternative options available are “Toggle,” which allows you to press a button to toggle Tooltips on or off, and “Always Show,” which will always display Tooltips when available

When two selectable items are on the same hex, how do I switch between them (e.g., a military unit on the same hex as a city)?

  • There is a “Swap Units” option on the Unit Action bar when in this situation. Selecting it will change the cursor’s focus.
  • Alternatively, pressing Up or Down on the Directional Pad will also cycle between available focuses

Difficulty Levels

  • In higher difficulties, the AI gets a boost to Technology, Civics, and more starting units.
    • Settler - Easiest
    • Chieftain
    • Warlord
    • Prince - Default
    • King
    • Emperor
    • Immortal
    • Deity – Hardest

How do I change my Show Grid, Show Resource Icons, Show Yield icons, and other map options?

  • Players can toggle Show Grid, Show Resource Icons, or Show Yield icons on and off by Pausing while in a game
  • From there choose the Options menu
  • Navigate to the “Map Options” tab
  • From here you can toggle what is displayed on the map, including Yields, Icons, and Labels