CE Error Codes on PlayStation

BY 2K Rykkie



Hey there!

Are you currently on a PlayStation and receiving an error code that begins with "CE"? Chances are you're receiving a PlayStation console or storage device error.

Check out this PlayStation Support Article! The article will provide you with troubleshooting steps for some of the common PS4 and PS5 console and external storage error codes.

However, if you’re receiving a CE error code by following the same steps each time, we want to know more about the issue by submitting a ticket through 2K Support.

When experiencing this error code, please make sure to let us know the following:

  • Which 2K title are you experiencing this error code on?
  • What game mode(s) were you in when this occurred?
  • On what patch did you see this issue first start happening?
  • What steps did you take before the error code appears?

We would also highly suggest sending any screenshots or videos that you’re able to grab of the error code and before the error code occurs. This will help us know whether the CE error code is coming from a bug or if it may be an issue arising from your console.