Civilization VI - Maya & Gran Colombia Pack Update

BY Alex



Hello, Civilization fans!

The next major update for Civ VI goes live tonight, and includes various balance changes, bug fixes, and support for the first round of the New Frontier pass, the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack!


Maya Civilization

  • Unique Ability – Mayab
    • Farms provide +1 Housing and +1 Gold.
    • +1 Amenity for every Luxury Resource adjacent to the City Center.
    • Settling adjacent to Fresh Water and Coast does not provide extra housing.
  • Unique Unit – Hul’che: replaces the Archer. Stronger than the Archer and receives +5 Combat Strength when attacking wounded units.
  • Unique Infrastructure – Observatory District: Replaces the Campus Science District. Adds a minor adjacency bonus with Farms and a major adjacency bonus with Plantations.

Leader - Lady Six Sky

  • Unique Ability – Ix Mutal Ajaw
    • Non-capital cities within 6 tiles of the Capital gain +10% to all yields.
    • +5 Combat Strength to units within 6 tiles of the Capital.
    • Non-capital cities outside of the 6 tile range receive -15% to all yields.
  • Agenda - Solitary
    • Builds cities close to the Capital.
    • Likes: civilizations that settle far away.
    • Dislikes: nearby armies and settlements

Gran Colombia Civilization

  • Unique Ability – Unique Ability – Ejército Patriota
    • +1 Movement to all units.
    • Promoting a unit does not end that unit’s turn.
  • Simón Bolívar Unique Ability - Campaña Admirable
    • Base Game - Earn a Comandante General when entering a new era.
    • Rise and Fall/Gathering Storm Earn a Comandante General when the game enters a new era.
    • Comandante Generals are a new type of Great General unique to Gran Colombia.
  • Unique Unit – Llanero: Replaces the Cavalry. Less Maintenance and +4 Combat Strength for every adjacent Llanero. Fully heals when in range of a Comandante General that activates.
  • Unique Infrastructure – Hacienda Improvement: +1 Production, +2 Gold, and +1 Housing. +1 Food for every 2 adjacent Plantations (increased to every Plantation with the Replaceable Parts technology). Plantations and Haciendas receive +1 Production for every two adjacent Haciendas (increased to every Hacienda when you discover the Rapid Deployment Civic). Can be built on Plains, Plains Hills, Grassland, and Grassland Hills.

Leader – Simón Bolívar

  • Unique Ability - Campaña Admirable
    • Base Game - Earn a Comandante General when entering a new era.
    • Rise and Fall/Gathering Storm - Earn a Comandante General when the game enters a new era.
    • Comandante Generals are a new type of Great General unique to Gran Colombia.
  • Comandante General
      • Antonio Jose de Sucre
        • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
        • Retirement Effect: [Base Game/Rise and Fall] Instantly creates the strongest unit you can build. This unit receives a free promotion.

               [Gathering Storm] Instantly creates the strongest unit you can build. This unit receives a free promotion. This unit requires no resource maintenance.

  • Francisco de Paula Santander
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: Base Game - Gives a Random Civic.

Rise and Fall/Gathering Storm - Gives a Governor Title.

  • José Antonio Páez
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: +4 Combat Strength to all Heavy and Light Cavalry units within 2 tiles.
  • Rafael Urdaneta
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: All your units within 2 tiles regain all their Movement and can attack as if they had not made attacks this turn.
  • Santiago Mariño
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: +4 Combat Strength to all Melee and Anti-Cavalry units within two tiles.
  • Gregor MacGregor
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: Grants 1 promotion level to a military land unit and Gold equal to the 50% of the purchase cost of the unit.
  • Manuel Piar
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: +7 Combat Strength to a unit.
  • Antonio Nariño
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: Increase Trade Route capacity by 1. Receive a Trader in the nearest friendly city.
  • Mariano Montilla
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: Units within 2 tiles gain +4 Combat Strength vs. District Defenses.
  • José Félix Ribas
    • Passive Effect: +5 Combat to units within 2 tiles.
    • Retirement Effect: Opposing units within 2 tiles lose 30 HP.
  • Agenda – Carabobo
    • Builds Encampment District buildings to earn more experience with units
    • Likes: civilizations with promoted units.
    • Dislikes: civilizations with unpromoted units.

Apocalypse Game Mode - Gathering Storm

  • New Unit – Soothsayer
    • Can call upon the God of Destruction to cause a Natural Disaster. Doing this requires a Unit Charge. Once all charges have been used, the unit is removed.
    • Unit starts with 1 charge, but additional charges can be gained through their promotion tree.
  • New Scored Competition – “Appease the Gods”
    • Players can use Soothsayers to sacrifice units to a volcano to gain points.
    • Soothsayers gain a new action: Appease - Target a friendly unit adjacent to a volcano and sacrifice them to gain score equal to their production cost.
    • Rewards include a free Soothsayer, Soothsayer promotions, and additional Faith per turn.
  • New Game Ending Final Climate Stage – The Apocalypse
    • The world enters the Apocalypse upon hitting the final temperature increase.
    • Disasters are more powerful, frequent, and capable of destroying entire Civilizations over several turns.
  • New Disasters
    • Comet Impact:  Smashes into land tiles destroying improvements, units, districts, or even cities in the impact zone. Impacted tiles are replaced with an impassable Comet Lake.
    • Solar Flares: Affects the entire map. Pillages power-generating districts/buildings/improvements (except the Dam). Damages advanced units (GDRs especially).

Mythological Natural Wonders

  • Bermuda Triangle
    • 5 Science to adjacent tiles.
    • Naval units that enter the tile gain a Unit Ability called “Mysterious Currents” that grants +1 Movement and are teleported to another Ocean tile somewhere on the map.
  • Paititi
    • 3 Gold, 2 Culture to adjacent tiles.
    • Major adjacency for Commercial Hubs and Theater Squares.
    • City that has it in its territory receives +4 Gold on its outgoing International Trade Routes.
  • Fountain of Youth
    • 4 Science, 4 Faith
    • Units that enter it gain a Unit Ability called “Water of Life” that gives +10 HP when they heal in any territory.
    • Provides Fresh Water


  • Maize: Improved by Farms. Bonus Resource. 2 Gold. Grassland, Plains.
  • Honey: Improved by Camps. Luxury Resource. 2 Food. Grassland, Plains.

Disasters (Requires Gathering Storm)

  • The following disasters are not tied to the Apocalypse game mode. These disasters can occur during standard games.
  • Forest Fires: Starts in a random Forest/Rainforest and spreads to adjacent Forest/Rainforest/improved plots every turn. Tiles on fire damage units and pillage improvements. Forest/Rainforests grow back with additional bonus yields.
  • Meteor Showers: Pummels unowned land tiles pillaging improvements and damaging units. Exploring impact sites grants players a free Heavy Cavalry unit with no resource upkeep.


  • Caguana
    • Type: Cultural
    • The Suzerain’s builder can build the new Batey Improvement.
    • Bateys provide +1 Culture and additional +1 Culture for every adjacent bonus resource and Entertainment Complex (becomes +2 with Exploration Civic.) +100% Tourism from Culture. Cannot be placed adjacent to another Batey. Placed on any flat terrain without a feature.
  • Singapore
    • Type: Industrial
    • Player’s cities receive +2 Production for each foreign civilization that they have sent a Trade Route.
  • Lahore
    • Type: Militaristic
    • Suzerain's of this City-State can purchase the new unique Nihang unit with Faith.
    • The Nihang unit has 25 Combat Strength. Has a unique promotion tree. Receives +15 Combat Strength for every Encampment building when trained. No maintenance cost.
  • Vatican City
    • Type: Religious
    • When the player activates a Great Person, they spread 400 Religious pressure of the player’s founded (or majority) religion to cities within 10 tiles.
  • Taruga
    • Type: Scientific
    • +5% Science in all cities for each different Strategic Resource they have.
  • Hunza
    • Type: Trade
    • Receive +1 Gold for every 5 tiles a Trade Route travels.

Free Game Update


  • Updates to Diplomatic Victory
    • Diplomatic Victory Points Resolution becomes +2/-2 (previously +2/-3)
    • Victory is now determined upon player turn start, rather than upon receiving points.
    • Players now lose Favor per turn for each occupied Original Capital.
    • Aid Request penalty for pollution is doubled.
    • Increased Favor penalty for pollution to -1 Favor per 3 pollution more than average (Previously per 5 pollution, capped at -20 per turn from -10).
  • Anti-Air Combat Strength increased to +7 once formed into Corps and Armies (Fleets, Armadas).
  • Greatly reduced the chance that City-States will spawn adjacent to Natural Wonders or on top of resources.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing aircraft based on Carriers as well as embarked units to count toward the Flanking bonus when attacking.
  • Unmet players now get a visible pie wedge in the CO2 chart.
  • Tweaked volcano spawn spread. Volcanoes will no longer spawn adjacent to each other. Large portions of the map are no longer skipped over. 1 volcano per continent is guaranteed.
  • Tweaked mountain spawn locations for more intelligent placement.
  • Palenque City-State renamed Mitla.


  • Players can now manually resize the Offers and Inventory panels during trades.
  • Players can now select different text sizes for the chat panel.
  • Added page history trail to Civilopedia for easier navigation.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing “click” sounds to play whenever a notification was auto-dismissed.
  • Base unit costs and maintenance are no longer shown in the Production Panel. Production Panel now shows only the cost relevant to the city in which the item is being produced. Base values are shown in the Civilopedia as well as the Tech and Civics screens.
  • Added a fix to allow Barbarian Sighted and New Camp icons to properly show in notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tech/Civics Tree scrollbar was being clipped by the background.
  • Improved Deal and Deal Cities presentation by adding item grouping, sub-categories, and collapsing categories.
  • Added icon for Reef adjacency bonus
  • Altered some team colors to be more visible.
  • Better dynamic sizing of various menus – Save/Load, Hall of Fame, Mods, Setup Menu
  • Fixed an issue where buttons in multiple World Tracker menus have partial functionality during World Congress sessions.


  • Improve Religious Belief analysis - Tends to stop Warrior Monks from always being first chosen
  • Adjust importance of Great Person Points for city projects for AI to make them more competitive with other buildings for AI attention.
  • Fix an issue where the AI was not always using its land ranged units to attack hostile sea units.
  • Fix an issue that could cause the AI to identify a target city for a missionary based on gossip without knowing the actual location, causing the missionary to freeze in place.
  • Improved coastal city ability to recruit naval units for city defense.
  • Adjusted city priority to target wounded units over siege when under attack.
  • Improve air attacks in operations
  • Conditions changed for AI to pursue Culture Victory.


  • Fixed an issue where the Diplomatic Victory displays nothing in the World Rankings when teams are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scored Competition prompt would overlap the chat panel when viewing the World Tracker during a Multiplayer game.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Matchmaker to fail when overloaded.
  • Overall improvements to AI:
    • AI will more aggressively explore in the early game.
    • AI will now target enemy units with nukes.
    • AI will use better protection of Civilians in all phases.
    • Additional fixes to improve AI play.
  • Fixed an issue where nukes were applying a maintenance cost to certain units, causing them to be removed from play when the player went bankrupt.
  • Updated the Diplomacy ribbon to show the eliminated players.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the AI to cease attacking enemy units once they are in the final Safe Zone ring.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the AI to act too passively with ranged units.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the overlay to either not show up or show up inconsistently. 


  • WorldBuilder
    • Advanced Mode: when placing a district, if the placement is going to fail because of a missing tech, civic, or population, auto-fix that so it succeeds.
    • Placing a feature over an incompatible resource will now delete the resource.
    • Fixed an issue where using the right mouse button to paint would successfully change all tiles except the tile initially clicked on.
    • Plot Selector now allows changes in the rotation of an existing feature.
    • Various additional UI and quality of life improvements.
    • Fixed various crashes. 


  • Fixed an exploit allowing multiple Pantheon bonuses (e.g., infinite builders/settlers) by hitting ESC immediately after selecting a Pantheon.
  • Fixed an exploit where unit Movement Speed and Combat Strength could be retained by upgrading near a Great General.
  • Fixed an exploit where the same District could be built in a city multiple times.
  • Fixed an exploit where a free Policy change was granted after ending a turn with a completed Civic selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Great Generals Horatio Nelson and Georgy Zhukov’s Retirement Abilities were incorrectly granting Combat Strength equal to the number of units a player owned.
  • Fixed an issue where Neighborhoods built by Brazil were failing to gain additional Housing from adjacent Rainforests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Foreign Culture Victory Imminent notification had no functionality when selected during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of Science already spent when viewing the Technology Tree during gameplay was not being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Phoenicia was gaining multiple GDRs with Golden Age Dedication, Automaton Warfare.
  • Fixed an issue where Capture Unit ability was successful even when not attacking.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect information was present when viewing the resource tooltip in the CO2 Contribution section of the World Climate menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect "Turns Remaining" numerical value was displayed in prompts for completed Emergencies while another Emergency Competition was active.
  • Fixed an issue where Settler tooltips were not showing up.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arrow Storm unit promotion was applying while defending.
  • Fixed various text bugs.
  • Fixed various audio bugs.
  • Crash
    • Fixed an issue causing Mac to crash when trying to run DX12 full-screen
    • Various additional crash fixes addressed.
  • Perf
    • Multiple performance and memory improvements.

Launcher Update

We have released a new update for the 2K Launcher today. The update should download automatically; if you are having trouble, restart your Steam client and it should download automatically.