PGA TOUR 2K21 Game Mode Breakdown

BY 2K Mike



Hello, everyone!

A question we’ve been asked repeatedly is what game modes will be available for PGA TOUR 2K21.  Below is a summary of each game mode in the game.


  • The PGA TOUR Career Schedule displays the season's list of events in the order they have, and will, occur. The schedule of events will change depending on if you are in Q-School, Korn Ferry Tour, or a PGA TOUR season. Some events in the PGA TOUR Career Mode have set entry criteria that you must meet in order to participate in them. Some events may offer an Alternate you can play instead. As you complete events in the PGA TOUR, you will be awarded FedExCup Points based on your finishing position. These points are important in securing the FedExCup and becoming the FedExCup Champion. The final three events of the PGA TOUR season make up the FedExCup Playoffs, these feature a progressive cut until reducing the field down to the final 30 players before the Season Championship. The player with the most FedExCup Points at the final event of the season will become the FedExCup Champion.

Play Now

    • Play a round with friends or ghosts. Adding a Guest allows another player to join you on the couch. Add a Ghost to play a recording of someone else's round.
    • Play matches with others online. Matchmaking automatically groups you with other players online on pre-chosen courses and settings.
    • Create an online match for your in-game party. Private Matches can be created or joined from the Main Menu. Enter the private room name, or Join a match created for your In-Game Party.


  • Online Societies are a place for you to play with other users in a relaxed -but competitive- environment. Join a Society (or two) and compete against fellow members in the events set up by the Society Admins. Event rounds can be completed at your leisure during the event's specified timeline. Anyone can create a Society. After you create a Society, you'll have full control over the events held, member list, and other settings. If you need a hand, give your most trusted members the abilities to do so by making them Society Admins.

Course Designer

  • Use the Course Designer to create the course of your dreams, then publish and share it with the rest of the community. 


  • Training allows you to calibrate your swing, complete lessons, and practice your game in a non-competitive setting. Lessons include tutorials on swing basics, putting, and club/shot types. Practice allows you to improve your game with chipping practice, putting practice, and driving at the driving range.