What is the WWE SuperCard SuperPass?

BY 2K Rykkie



Hey, Superstars! 

We have an exciting new update for you in WWE SuperCard.

First thing: There's an event called SuperPass, which includes exclusive missions and some cool new rewards! There are two versions of the SuperPass, a purchasable version and a free-to-play one. However, there will be limits to what free-to-play can achieve compared to a player who purchases a SuperPass.

So what's included in SuperPass? Well, glad you asked. We've got a full breakdown in the notes below.



  • When the event starts, it will open with the first weeks’ worth of missions available. The remaining five weeks will remain locked, giving you a full week to complete those missions before the next week’s missions become unlocked. When a mission has been completed, we will show a check in the box so you can quickly distinguish and know if there are any missions that are left to do. Additionally, you can always go back and complete tasks for any previously unlocked week’s missions during the entirety of the event.

  • Each week will contain a flexible list of missions; including three free-to-play missions and three more with the SuperPass. There will be progress listed within each mission if need be. Other missions might just be triggered completely as you achieve the goal. Once that is done you can then claim the points for that mission.
  • There is a bonus set that will only be available to SuperPass buyers. These players will receive a bonus gift for each week that they complete all the missions for that week



  • The Reward Tower is a screen showing the rewards that you can achieve by earning enough points from completing missions, each level requiring a certain number of points to achieve (exact numbers to be determined). 
  • There are two sides of prizes, the free-to-play side, and the SuperPass side. If a player purchased the SuperPass, they'll also receive the free-to-play rewards for that level once they achieve it. 
  • The prizes for each level will be a random assortment of specific cards, packs, draft picks, equipment, etc. Progressing from lesser prizes to greater the higher up the level is.

At any time during the event, a player can purchase a SuperPass and will receive all past rewards that have been given out after completing the missions. The time to finish the event is set and not based upon the time of starting.