Civilization VI – Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack

BY 2K Annastasia



Welcome, World Conquerors! 

Civ VI brings you the latest in the New Frontier pass featuring a new civilization, game mode, and districts with the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack. 




Vietnam civilization with Bà Triệu, the Voi Chiến unique unit, and the Thành
unique building.

  • Civ Unique Ability: Vietnam’s unique ability is “Nine Dragon River Delta.” All land
    specialty districts can only be built on Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods tiles. Buildings on
    each type of tile receive either additional Science, Production, or Culture. This ability
    also allows Woods to be planted with the Medieval Faires civic.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Bà Triệu’s unique ability, “Drive Out the Aggressors,” provides
    additional Combat Strength for units fighting in Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods tiles; this
    bonus is further increased for tiles owned by Vietnam. Beginning a turn in Rainforest,
    Marsh, or Woods also provides additional Movement, which is also further increased for
    tiles owned by Vietnam.
  • Unique Unit: Vietnam features the unique Medieval era ranged unit, the Voi Chiến. This
    unit can move after attacking and has additional Movement. It is more expensive than
    the Crossbowman unit it replaces, but is stronger when defending and has greater sight.
  • Unique District: The Thanh unique district offers additional Culture for each adjacent
    district. Once Flight is researched, the district generates Tourism equal to its Culture
    output. It does not require Population and is cheaper to build than the Encampment
    district it replaces.

Kublai Khan as an alternate leader for China and Mongolia (requires the
Rise and Fall expansion to play as Mongolia.)

  • Leader Unique Ability : Kublai Khan’s unique ability, “Gerege,” provides one extra
    Economic policy slot in any government. It also grants a random Eureka and Inspiration
    when establishing a Trading Post in another civilization’s city for the first time.
  • As a leader of China, Kublai Khan’s science boosts are even more powerful, and his
    extra policy slot empowers economic strategies. As a leader of Mongolia, Kublai Khan
    leverages trade routes for military might.

New “Monopolies and Corporations” Game Mode

This optional game mode elevates strategic economic gameplay to a whole new
level, offering enticing new rewards based on claiming, acquiring, and exploiting map resources
in every era.

  •  Create an Industry around duplicate Luxury resources to grant powerful buffs to host
    cities and provide bonus Great Merchant points.
  • Transform Industries into Corporations, which can be given customized names, increase
    Industry effects, and create Products. Products can be shipped to other cities to share
    Industry effects throughout a civilization.
  • A Monopoly is created when a civilization dominates the global supply of a Luxury
    Resource. Monopolies provide additional Tourism and can significantly increase the
    Gold generated each turn.

New District and New Buildings

  • New District: The Preserve district is placed in a secluded area untouched by
    infrastructure. It can Culture-bomb adjacent unowned tiles, gains additional Housing
    based on Appeal, and increases the Appeal of adjacent tiles.
  • New Buildings: Two buildings can be constructed in the Preserve district. The Grove
    unlocks with Mysticism, while the Sanctuary unlocks with Conservation. Both increase
    the yields of adjacent Charming and Breathtaking tiles that have not been improved.