Borderlands 3 Update and Hotfixes: August 5, 2021

BY 2K Alicia



Today we will release an update and hotfixes for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. This update adds the second Vault Card for players who own the Director’s Cut content, adds 100 bank spaces, and addresses various reported concerns!

Update Notes

New Content


  • Removed the moving platforms and added air jumps in the final section of the Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Optimized hotfixes already in content and nativized many current hotfixes
  • Addressed a reported crash that could sometimes occur when Xbox Series X players would join a game hosted by a player on PC
  • Addressed a reported crash that could occasionally occur when navigating to the SHiFT menu
  • Addressed reported crash that could sometimes occur on Stadia when a player blocked and unblocked a player
  • Addressed a reported crash when quitting the game while using DX12
  • Addressed a concern from some PlayStation players that their game would occasionally get stuck in Local Only mode when matchmaking
  • Addressed a reported concern for PlayStation players that were sometimes getting a "Matchmaking Error 5" message when trying to matchmake
  • Updated the data received from Vault Cards
  • Updated the impact sound on the Wooden TNT Barrels
  • Updated the prompt to purchase the Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock and Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck add-ons in-game so that it will be interactable
  • Updated textures to prevent them from sometimes flickering when following Vaughn after rescuing him in the Sun Smashers’ camp
  • Addressed a reported concern that a player driving a vehicle could occasionally lose functionality after a map transition
  • Included additional language voice over for the Maya Funeral Behind-the-Scenes content
  • Updated Tyrant of Instinct to behave as expected throughout the fight
  • Updated previously nativized hotfixes for various hand cannons, the Kaoson weapon , DNA weapon, and the Takedown at the Guardian Breach that were not applying correctly
  • Addressed a reported concern about visual stutter sometimes happening on Xbox platforms


  • Addressed reported concerns that Fast Travel was sometimes not functioning properly for PlayStation users in Asian countries
  • Updated the SHiFT friend list to prevent placeholder display names from occasionally appearing
  • Updated user ID information for online matchmaking
  • Updated the Report Player function in multiplayer to display at the intended scale in splitscreen
  • Synced the Vault Card Challenges on Stadia to match other platforms
  • Updated the Vault Card system to prevent new challenges from showing as completed
  • Updated the context menu on the mail menu to show correctly
  • Removed blocked players from the social menu
  • Corrected the error message when a player accepts an invite from another player that had disabled crossplay
  • Updated the menus to allow a player to connect to a SHiFT account while in co-op
  • Updated the Vault Card to prevent the chest animation from happening when the card is not active
  • Updated the "Kill 10 Goliaths" daily Vault Card challenge to be tied to a player's account rather than character
  • Corrected placeholder email text to have language support
  • Addressed reported concerns that drag-and-drop was sometimes not working as expected on PC
  • Updated status and inventory menus to fit as expected while in ultra-wide resolution
  • Updated loading screens to show properly when HDR is On
  • Updated SHiFT account details to display properly in splitscreen
  • Updated the "Host does not own content" message for players joining a player who does not own the Designer’s Cut content
  • Added language support for the Vault Card Rewards
  • Adjusted the positioning of player info from the Friends list in the menus


  • Updated the Operative’s SNTNL augment "Static Field" to return shield energy when doing Shock damage to shields
  • Updated the Operative’s Digi-Clone to spawn the correct amount of grenades
  • Updated the Operative’s "Assassin One" head to appear as expected when the Devil Raider skin is applied
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Beastmaster was sometimes unable to re-slot their action skill if it was used before respeccing
  • Addressed a reported concern that players using the Beastmaster that do not own the Designer’s Cut DLC could sometimes select the ION Loader pet
  • Redirected Maya’s Phasegrasp when players use the Beastmaster to prevent Maya from locking onto the player’s pet


  • Updated artifacts that buff Shock or Corrosive damage to shotguns so they only act as intended rather than also buffing shotgun damage
  • Updated the Gunner weapon anointment, "After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% increased Splash damage for 18 seconds" to remove the unlisted increase to shield capacity
  • Updated the Gunner anointment, "After exiting Iron Bear, the next 3 magazines will have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling" to remove the unlisted incendiary damage
  • Updated the Gunner anointment, "After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% critical damage" to remove the unlisted incendiary damage

Hotfix Notes

These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, "Hotfixes Applied!" If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to


  • Prevented the pain screeches from Devil and Hellion Creatures from triggering rapidly when attacked with beam/rapid-fire weapons
  • Added the Cartel Underbosses that spawn at the end of the Revenge of Cartels map with Joey to the Bosses that can be killed for the "Kill 100 Bosses" Weekly Challenge. This does not include Franco Firewall, who will be included in a future update.
  • Added collision when walking into the tree by the waterfall next to the Jabbermogwai’s hut
  • Increased the number of Eridium piles that can spawn in base game maps

Weapon Adjustments

Embrace the Pain

  • Increased Weapon Damage


  • Increased Weapon Damage


  • Increased Weapon Damage


  • Increased Weapon Damage
  • Increased the speed of extra projectiles

Vosk's Deathgrip

  • Increased Weapon Damage