BY Colleen



How can I get the Premium Courtside Pass?

The Premium Courtside Pass is unlocked by purchasing that month’s Courtside Pass. Just tap “Get This Month’s Pass” on the Activate screen.


What is included with the Premium Courtside Pass?

  • Passive Benefits:
    • The Premium Courtside Pass offers passive benefits:
      • Faster energy (normal and event) recharge speeds
      • Quicker unveiling of packs in Head to Head mode
      • More Crew Gifting MyPlayer XP earned
  • Rewards:
    • The Premium Courtside Pass also offers players a premium track of rewards to earn and claim every day during the first 25 days of the month. Players claim rewards with Courtside Points that they earn by playing matches.


What rewards can I earn and claim on the premium track of the Courtside Pass?

If you purchase the Premium Courtside Pass this month, you can use the Courtside Points you earn playing games to claim the following rewards:

  • Day 1 - 250 Coins
  • Day 2 - 5 Draft picks
  • Day 3 – Courtside Pump-Up Pack
  • Day 4 - Foundation Card
  • Day 5 – 3 Hype Inducers for H2H
  • Day 6 - Foundation Card
  • Day 7 - 250 Coins
  • Day 8 – 1 Small Event Energy
  • Day 9 - Courtside Pump-Up Pack
  • Day 10 - Super Courtside Pack
  • Day 11 - 5 Hype Inducers for H2H
  • Day 12 - Pump-up Courtside Pack
  • Day 13 - Super Courtside Pack
  • Day 14 - 5 Hype Inducers for H2H
  • Day 15 - Foundation Card
  • Day 16 - 500 Coins
  • Day 17 – Courtside – Theme Collectibles Pack
  • Day 18 - Courtside Pump-Up Pack
  • Day 19 - Foundation Card
  • Day 20 – 3 Small Event Energy
  • Day 21 - Ultra Courtside Pack
  • Day 22 - Foundation Card
  • Day 23 - 1000 Coins
  • Day 24 - Courtside – Theme Collectibles Pack
  • Day 25 - Courtside Theme Card


Can I claim rewards on the free track of the Courtside Pass?

Yes. Below are the rewards you can claim on the free track for this month’s pass. To claim a reward on the free track, go to Courtside Pass and hit Claim after each reward becomes available per the schedule below.

  • Day 1 - 25 Coins
  • Day 4 – Courtside Pump-Up Pack
  • Day 7 - Basic Courtside pack
  • Day 10 - 2 Hype Inducers for H2H
  • Day 13 – Courtside – Theme Collectibles Pack
  • Day 16 – Super Courtside Pack
  • Day 19 - Courtside Pump-Up Pack
  • Day 22 - 125 Coins
  • Day 25 - Super Courtside Pack


How do I earn Courtside Pass points?

You earn Courtside Points for wins, ties or losses across games in Seasons mode and limited-time events. You earn 10 points for a win. You earn 5 points for a tie. 1 point for a loss.


What amount of points do I need to get each reward?

Rewards 1-9 can be claimed for 100 Courtside Points each. Rewards 10-19 can be claimed for 150 Courtside points each. Rewards 20-25 can be claimed for 200 Courtside Points each. To claim all the rewards, you’ll need to earn a total of 3,600 points.


How can I check my Courtside Points progress?

You can monitor your Courtside Points progress within the Courtside Pass menu in-game. You will also see your progress in the post-game results alongside any draft picks or event points you earn.


How do I claim the rewards?

New premium track rewards become available each day over the first 25 days of each month’s pass. When you have acquired enough points for a premium track reward, you can use your points to claim the reward by clicking “Claim.”

For example, you will be able to claim the Day 1 premium reward on the first day once you have earned enough points. On Day 15, you’ll be able to claim the Day 15 reward and you would also be able to claim any unclaimed reward from days prior to Day 15, if you have earned enough points.

 To claim rewards on the free track of the Courtside Pass, click Claim on each reward that is available.


Can I claim rewards after the calendar day has passed?

Yes, you can always go back and claim rewards from a prior day provided you have earned enough Courtside Points to do so. 


Do I have to claim the rewards in order?

No, rewards that have become available can be claimed in any order.


Do I still get access to the free rewards track if I purchase the Premium Courtside Pass?

Yes, everyone gets access to the free rewards track of a Courtside Pass.


Do unused Courtside Points roll over to the next Courtside Pass event?

No, unused Courtside Points will expire once the Courtside Pass is over. They do not carry over to the next Courtside Pass event.


What happens if I purchase Premium Courtside Pass late in the cycle?

You accumulate Courtside Points for gameplay during a Courtside Pass event regardless of whether you have purchased the Premium Courtside Pass. This means that if you purchase the Premium Courtside Pass later in the month, you can still use the Courtside Points that you have earned to claim available rewards.


Can I buy a Courtside Pass on the last day of a Courtside Pass?

No, purchases are disabled 24 hours before a Courtside Pass ends. 


Can I keep leveling a Courtside Pass after it ends?

No, you cannot continue earning Courtside Points after the Courtside Pass event ends.