BY Colleen



You've cleaned up on the court, the locker room is a distant memory, the season has come to a close and you're ready for your fresh start. But you might have some questions, so let's see if we can give you some answers:

How long is each Season?

A Season in NBA 2K22 is six weeks long.

  • The first season 'Call to Ball' ran from game launch on September 10 to October 21.
  • The second season 'Build Your Empire' started up October 22nd.
  • December 3rd was the start date for the third season, 'Iced Out'.
  • Fourth season, 'Hunt 4 Glory' started January 14.
  • The fifth season 'Power Within' began on February 25.
  • On April 8 the sixth season 'Zero Gravity' hit the courts.
  • May 20 saw the start of season seven, 'Return of Heroes'.
  • Season eight, 'Gold Rush' got going on July 1.
  • Finally the ninth season, 'Out of This World' took off August 12.


What about my XP Coins?

Starting at the beginning of Season 3, your previous 2XP Coins will not transfer over from Season 2. While we're changing the format from Season 1, we believe this will improve the Season-to-Season experience and competitive balance. Going forward, 2XP coins will now remain tied to the Season they were acquired in, so make sure to use those 2XP Coins as you’re leveling up in this Season and beyond!


If forgot to get my rewards from the last season, where are they now?

If a reward is not claimed before the change of season it will not be available in the new season. We will not be able to restore these once the new season begins.