BY Elizabeth



Setting up a SHiFT account

  • Visit https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/ in your browser
  • Click 'CREATE NEW ACCOUNT' on the right side of the page
  • You can create a new account with your email or use an existing account credentials (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games, Twitch, 2K Account, Google, Facebook, or Twitter - don't worry, you can also link these later!)

Linking your SHiFT Account

  • Log in your SHiFT Account > From the SHiFT Menu select Gaming Platforms.
  • While on the “Linked Gaming and Social Platforms” menu, select your preferred Gaming Platform.
  • Select “Sign in” > Use the correct credentials > Your account should be linked.
  • Select “Unlink” to stop having that gaming / social media platform associated with your SHiFT account.


  • From in game, select Social > SHiFT
  • While in the menu, enable the “Link Account” function
  • A 7-character long alphanumerical code should be present
  • Go to https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/link and enter the code

Redeeming SHiFT Codes (web)

  • Log in to your SHiFT account and select the Rewards on the left side
  • Enter code (with hyphens) into the Code Redemption box
  • Click Check
  • Select your platform (each code will only work once per SHiFT account)

Redeeming SHiFT Codes (in game)

  • After linking your account, go into gameplay.
  • Select Social > Tab over to the SHiFT menu.
  • In the SHiFT Code tab, enter your SHiFT Code.

Receiving your SHiFT Rewards

  • After redeeming your SHiFT Code via web or in game, enter gameplay with any character.
  • Open the Pause menu and select Social.
  • Scroll to the Mail tab and you should see your SHiFT reward.
  • Scroll over the mail item and select it to get your reward.
Using your Skeleton Keys
  • After loading up your character in game, warp or travel to Brighthoof (under the Global Travel Tab).
  • Once you arrive, continue to head to the center of the town square.
  • You should come across a glorious statue of your character and right below should be a magnificent chest to redeem your Skeleton keys!

How do I know if SHiFT is down or under Maintenance?