BY Colleen



How do contracts work in WWE 2K22? These questions should help guide you on the options available to you in the MyFACTION mode.


How do I get Contracts?

Contracts can be earned in a variety of ways, this includes:

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Lifetime Challenges
  • Briefcase Rewards - earned after winning a Faction Wars match
  • Consumables packs - a reward from multiple MyFaction modes
  • Purchasing them with MyFACTION Points or VC


How do I use Contracts?

One contract is automatically consumed for the Superstar card being taken into the match. When going into a tag team match with two or more Superstars a contract is consumed for each of them. Contracts are not refunded when losing or quitting from the match through any means.


What if I run out of Contracts?

The easiest way to obtain more contracts is by purchasing them with MFP (MyFACTION Points) or VC from either MyFACTION Management or the Active Line-Up screen prior to a match. When obtaining new Superstar cards, they are pre-loaded with a certain amount of contracts based on the rarity of the card.


Do Contracts work in any other game mode?

No, Contracts are only available in MyFACTION.