[WWE 2K22] Patch Update 1.05 – 2022.03.11

BY Colleen




  • Implemented various fixes to issues observed in first party monitoring
  • Addressed a conflict between Titantron display and DLC entitlement checks
  • Improved audio mix conflicts in some MyRISE cutscenes
  • Addressed a MyRISE text overrun affecting Arabic language versions
  • Corrected various text substitution issues in MyRISE



  • Improved performance of breakouts when interrupted by some attack types
  • Improved physics interactions between weapons and match cages
  • Improved dive attacks in conflicts with cutscene timing
  • Improved positioning and collision for Nia Jax Kneeing Hip Attack
  • Addressed an issue with custom superstars performing submissions during an Iron Man match in a tournament
  • Addressed visual issues resulting from reversing chair attacks
  • Improved Superstar interactions with environment attacks and ladder bridges
  • Improved Superstar backstage interactions when carrying an opponent



  • Addressed server contention for simultaneous user logins