BY Little Sister



It pays off to be prepared when you're alone in the woods, so we want to arm you with the information about what game modes you will have to choose from when you set foot into The Quarry.

You will find these basic game modes:

Single Player

  • Brave of you to go it alone! This is the straight forward way to experience the game, making choices as you go through the story.

Movie Mode

  • Haven't you always wanted to be the director? Choose if everyone dies, everyone lives, or with the Deluxe edition a true Gore Fest. With the Director's Cut you set all the standards for the characters, and let it roll.

Couch Co-op

  • This is where we get the real nostalgia going! You and your friends piled onto the couch, each in control of different characters, passing the controller back and forth as your turn comes up.

Wolf Pack

  • Whether you are a Lone Wolf, letting your pack vote but you make the final choices, or a Pack Wolf, where everyone's vote counts and you only break ties, this mode will let you and up to seven friends control the decisions that make the story of The Quarry.