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Starting on July 25th, 2022, Facebook login will be removed from the game.

If you do not use Facebook as a login method, no action is needed. If you do use Facebook login, please consider switching to another method like Apple, Twitch, or Google before the date Facebook login is deprecated.

Switching to a new login method is important if you use multiple devices to play the game or want to make sure your save carries over to a new device. Local save data, which is stored each time you play, is contained to only a single device. Login methods like Twitch allow you to take that data to other devices.

You can view which login method you use on the game’s start screen or in the Options menu. To switch to a new login method, simply click on the icon of your preferred method and follow the sign-in flow. Note: if you do not have an account with one of these methods, you will need to make one.

When logging in, a green checkmark is confirmation that the login works and your account is now connected.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose my account if I don’t switch login methods?

No, local saves are generated every time you play. However, there is a risk of losing an account if you choose to get a new device or wipe your current one, as there’s no way to transfer your cross-platform save without a login method like Twitch.


When will Facebook login no longer available?

It will be deprecated as a method on July 25th, 2022.


I’m receiving an error message while trying to use Facebook login.

Please use another login method instead if you’ve already set one up. If you’re having trouble, please contact customer support.


What can I do if I lose my account?

Local save should always have a record of your account but transitioning to a new login method will help prevent this. If you are having issues, please contact customer support for assistance.