BY Elizabeth



How do I get a NBA 2K Mobile Basketball QR Code for the Exclusive Reward?

These codes only come with physical Standard Editions of NBA 2K23- the paper with the code will be in your boxed copy of the game.


What does the Exclusive Reward include?

  • 1x Diamond Five Star Devin Booker
  • 1,000 Coins
  • 1x Ruby Foundation Card
  • 1x Dark Matter Mentor Vince Carter
  • 5x Large Energy Recharges


What is NBA 2K Mobile Basketball?

A mobile game for Android and iOS devices, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball lets you take the excitement of the court with you in free online basketball arcade game. Build your NBA team of basketball all-stars and experience authentic NBA plays & action on your phone or tablet in a brand new NBA Season.

You can check out more at https://nba.2k.com/mobile/ 


If I bought a digital version of NBA 2K23 is there any way to get this Exclusive Reward in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball?

This Exclusive Reward is a special exclusive for a physical NBA 2K23 purchase, and will not be available elsewhere. If you already purchased a digital version, but are looking to get your hands on one of those codes, you'll have to contact the retailer you purchased the game from to possibly get it swapped for a physical copy or cancel your order and pick up a new one.


How do I get the reward in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball?

It is as easy as scanning the included QR code from your smartphone and installing the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball app. Then open the game and redeem your exclusive reward in the main menu.

Keep in mind, you want to make sure the code is in clear focus and all edges and corners can be seen on screen in the viewfinder, which means you may need to move your phone back or closer until it clearly registers the code. 


Does this code have any effect on NBA 2K23?

It doesn't - this is just for content in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball.


What if my box didn't come with a code?

If you did not receive your QR code for NBA 2K Mobile Basketball in your physical copy of NBA 2K23 you will need to reach out to the retailer you purchased it from. Our support team cannot help out in cases of missing codes.


What if my code doesn't work?

If you are having trouble redeeming the code you received with your physical copy of the game - this is only for a physical QR code you received in a NBA 2K23 box, copies of codes shared by friends or online will not be eligible - you can submit a ticket to us by opening NBA 2K Mobile Basketball and navigating to the Support section of the Options menu. Include the following information and we will do our best to look into this matter with you.

  • A picture of the physical QR code insert with a red 'X' drawn through the code itself, then make sure you write your Player ID next to it and write the date you are submitting it
  • A picture or screenshot of your receipt of purchase along with the Player ID and date again written on it
  • A screenshot of your NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Player ID Number


What if my code is already used?

Each QR code is unique, and if it has been redeemed we cannot make it active or provide the rewards again. 


Can I give my code away?

Sure! If you would like to give it to a friend or family member you are welcome to pass the code along, but each one can only be used once. If they use it, it is gone for good, so choose wisely...

Keep in mind we can only assist the original NBA 2K23 purchaser if there are any issues with the QR code, so only you can contact us if your friend or family member has any problems with redeeming your code.