Data Requests

BY 2K Mike



If you're trying to reach out to 2K Support about a data request, here's some information on how to do so.

Depending on your location, you can submit a request to object, delete, opt-out, restrict, correct or receive a copy of the personal information that 2K has collected and maintains about you. To make a request, please select 'Submit A Request’ at the top of your screen or email We’ll respond to your data request within a month.

Please include the following when submitting via email:

  • Request Type - Deletion, Information/Access, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Opt-Out, Other
  • Email Address - The address you're contacting from must match the one listed on the account
  • Location – Country
  • Request Details - Any other specifics you'd like to include

If you're able, please also provide optional information to assist us when reviewing your request. This includes information such as which games you may have played, your 2K Account username, and any platform IDs you use (PSN ID, XBOX GamerTag, Steam ID, etc).