Policy on posting copyrighted 2K material

BY 2K David



Question: Am I allowed to post game footage on YouTube or other websites? Can I use copyrighted material on fan sites if it is for non-commercial use and doesn't have spoilers?


Answer: Generally, 2K does not object to fans using materials for non-commercial uses in a manner that doesn't intentionally spoil the plot for others. "Non-commercial" means that you don't sell site membership, use the material to promote a product you sell on the site like a shirt or wallpaper, or use other advertising-driven monetization.  2K does reserve the right to have its copyrighted material taken down at any time. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact copyright@take2games.com

We’re happy for fans to upload footage of their gameplay - we love seeing fan-made videos and even share some of them with our fans on Facebook and Twitter from time to time. We do have just a few guidelines that we ask you to follow if you are going to post or stream on video-sharing sites.

To make our position on this subject easier to understand, we have put together a list of content that, if posted, would result in a take-down notice:

  • Pre-Release Footage: No pre-release leaked footage of any kind: Any posting of in-game footage from leaked copies of the game prior to its official release date will be taken down, regardless of how the game was obtained.  This includes "early unboxing" videos.
  • Spoilers: Posting video showing the ending of the game, pure cutscenes, or any other big reveal in the story. It's okay to show cutscenes as part of a larger play-through (or in a narrated ‘Let’s Play’ type video) but isolated videos of the game's cinematics will be removed.  If you are unsure if what you want to post is considered a spoiler, please contact copyright@take2games.com and describe exactly what scene you are wondering about and in what context the scene would appear. 

Lastly, we do reserve the right to remove content we find objectionable on a case-by-case basis and to change our policy from time to time, but we do promise that if there is anything we do change we will make sure to let you know.

Of course, if you have any questions about this policy, please don't hesitate to ask by sending an email to copyright@take2games.com.