2K Code of Conduct for Fair Play

BY Little Sister



NOTE: Every player accepts the Terms of Service prior to accessing Online Features for any 2K game

2K takes player conduct and fairness very seriously. Engaging in toxic behavior, cheating, or any other actions aimed at gaining an unfair advantage in a game published by 2K not only diminishes the quality of the game but also harms the experience for the entire community.

To ensure the safety and security of our community, we actively monitor player behavior both in and outside the game. Players who violate our Terms of Service and/or this Player Code of Conduct may face corrective actions ranging from an initial warning or temporary ban to a permanent ban.


Prohibited behaviors subject to corrective action include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing, selling or transferring accounts to or from another player, including transferring accounts for the purpose of engaging in “grinding” services affecting account progression.
  • Purchasing any in-game currency from unauthorized third-party sellers/websites.
  • In-game currency farming and selling, including creating multiple accounts for the purpose of transferring and/or aggregating currency.
  • Purchasing, selling, or transferring in-game currency to or from another player or account in a way not directly supported by game mechanics.
  • Building or using bots in any form or fashion.
  • Hacking or attempting to hack the game in any form or fashion.
  • Using “mods” or other software to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Uploading content with the intent of exploiting gameplay and/or damaging the gameplay environment.
  • "Boosting” - Fraudulently altering progression by coordinating with other players to manipulate the outcomes of online games.
  • Uploading or sharing community content that is inappropriate or lewd such as nudity, profanity, racism, hate-speech.
  • Uploading any content that includes, looks like, or is based on any third party intellectual property, including any references to, or images from, any other franchise, game, movie, TV show or brand may be restricted depending on the specific game’s guidelines.
  • Abusive or bullying behavior directed at other players, clans, groups, or teams.
  • Uploading or sharing community content that is a reference to drugs or alcohol.

KEEP IN MIND: The examples above are not intended to be a complete list. They are some of the actions that are not allowed, in order to help you understand what kind of behavior is not considered okay for any 2K game or community interaction. 


Promoting, increasing awareness, or driving engagement to any of these prohibited behaviors which are not clearly and explicitly authorized by 2K or Take-Two is not allowed and is also subject to corrective action.

The number of violations of this policy that are allowed before a player's account is suspended or banned may vary depending on the severity of the infraction. Player accounts may be permanently banned immediately if the severity of their infraction is significant, the volume of content uploaded or created by them that violates the policy is high, or the volume of complaints received about them is high.

For complete Terms of Service, please visit www.take2games.com/legal