[2K Community] Welcome to the 2K Community for Bug Reports

BY Little Sister



We've all run into something that didn't work as expected in a video game, right? If you’ve seen it, it’s probably bugging someone else, too! With that in mind, 2K Support has set up the 2K Community for easy communication with players about smashing these bugs.

Currently, our focus for the 2K Community is WWE 2K24, WWE 2K23, and TopSpin 2K25. As we roll out more games this year, we’ll keep expanding the reach of this new bug report forum, so stay tuned!


But what is the 2K Community?

This is a section of our Support Site dedicated to keeping gamers in the loop about the bugs we have found, often with your help in our Support tickets, as well as any known workarounds. Our team of experts is working hand-in-hand with the testers and developers to identify issues and provide clarity on their progress.

Using upvotes you can let us know how widespread an issue is, which can help improve 2K’s understanding and approach!

When you see your issue on the 2K Community, you can select “Follow” in the upper right corner. This sends a notification right to your inbox when we post a progress update or workaround.

At present, this is mostly a one-way communication channel where we can keep you up to date. If you encounter a bug you'd like to report and don't see it already on the Community, you'll still use our 2K Support Site ticket system and our agents will help gather the information necessary for a post which ensures the right folks are aware of the problems you've run into. In case you see it there already, all you need to do is upvote it!