Microsoft Dual-Generation Games FAQ

BY 2K Chad



Hey everyone,

We've got a helpful article for you with some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Microsoft's Dual Generation Games for old-gen and next-gen consoles. Check it out!


What are dual-generation games?

  • A dual-generation game is one that releases separate versions for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S console generations. Each version may be sold separately or may be purchased as a cross-generation bundle that gives you both versions.

Where can I play dual-generation games?

  • On Xbox Series X/S, both versions will be playable. The Xbox Series X/S version will be optimized to provide the best experience on the device. The Xbox One version will be supported as a backward compatible title. On Xbox One, only the Xbox One version will be playable.

I own both the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One versions of the game. How can I tell them apart?

  • Some dual-generation games have visibly different box art or game names for each version, but some may look very similar. Here are two simple ways to identify them:
    • Go to My games & apps > Games and select Group by console type. The Xbox Series X/S version will be listed under Optimized for Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox One version will be listed under Xbox One games.
    • Go to My games & apps Games, select the filter and choose All Console types, then:
      • Set it to Optimized for Xbox Series X/S games to find the Xbox Series X/S version
      • Set it to Xbox One games to find the Xbox One version

How do cross-generation bundles work?

  • For some dual-generation games, you can purchase both versions at once – this is known as a cross-generation bundle. Owning a cross-generation bundle gives you access to both versions of the game.
  • By default, most titles will install the Xbox Series X/S version on your Xbox Series X/S console, but a few titles may install the Xbox One version by default. To install the other version:
    • If you own the digital cross-generation bundle: Go to My games & apps > Full library and change the sort to Group by console type to quickly find and install the other game version.
    • If you own the cross-generation bundle disc: Insert the disc into your Xbox Series X console, navigate to the game disc tile on Home, and press the Menu button . Select Manage game and add-ons and install the version you want.

Is a dual-generation game the same as a Smart Delivery game?

  • Dual-generation games have separate versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S that may be offered for purchase individually or as part of a bundle. Support for syncing of game saves, achievements, and progress will vary by game as decided by the developer.
  • Smart Delivery ensures you only have to purchase a game once and will automatically get the best version to play on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Your game saves, achievements, and progress will be synced on both console generations.
  • For more on Smart Delivery, go to: Introducing Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X|S

How can I check when a game will be optimized for Xbox Series X/S and whether it will be a dual-generation game?

  • Visit the game or publisher website for updates about the title’s release plans.